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Dyspersion offers services ranging from Business Planning to Mobile app & Website development to website security analysis and monitoring

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Dyspersion's Technology Competencies and Services

We get it. Small businesses can't afford entire I.T. departments like big businesses can. That's where Dyspersion comes in. Dyspersion fills the gap for small businesses, helping them with technology issues at a level they can afford.

Dyspersion has a wide range of technology competencies to serve all parts of your business operations. Everything we do is custom tailored to fit your business. If you're struggling with technology issues and don't know where to turn, get in touch now!

Website Development

Websites are the virtual version of location, location, location. Dyspersion has been designing and developing websites since the 90s, the early days of the web.


If you're having difficulty using your website to sell tangible products, services, or digital goods, Dyspersion can help!

Security Risk Analysis/Mitigation

Maintaining a secure website is an ongoing task. You're never 100% safe. Hackers are coming up with new ways to penetrate your defenses every minute of every day. With ongoing monitoring, and security patching, Dyspersion can help keep you secure, discover if you've been hacked, and help to mitigate any losses.

Server Monitoring

Your online business depends on the integrity of your online infrastructure. Dyspersion can help keep tabs on your site's server(s) to make sure you're not spending more than you need, and to make sure your site is able to grow with you.

High-Traffic & High-Performance Sites

Not all websites are created equal. If your site gets any real traffic, then most web developers out there won't cut it. You need someone who is experienced with creating and maintaining high-performance site code and backend server architecutres to go along with it.


Evaluation & Planning

Not sure where to go next? Confused by all of the tech around you?

It's been said that "a plan is worthless, but planning is essential." I truly believe that in business, it's essential to know the lay of the land in which you're operating.

In order to figure out what your technology needs are, you need to be intimately familiar with your business needs. They go hand in hand. Only then can we help you identify which technology areas we can utilize to best get you on track to your goals, keep you on track, and accelerate your success.

  • Business Planning

    Identify your industry, market, competition, strengths, weaknesses, risks, areas of competency, deficiencies and most importantly, your goals.

  • Technology Roadmaps

    Identify which technology solutions fit with your goals and your planning, all the way from backend server and database architectures to website content management and e-commerce systems, to marketing and social media outreach strategies.

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